a little insight into the events of earlier involving twitter. : Bitcoin

a little insight into the events of earlier involving twitter.

it all started with a post on the ogusers[.]com forum

from the screenshot of chaewon’s initial post we can see he is offering access to emails associated any twitter accounts for $250, also listing access to the actual accounts for 2.5-3k each.

he proceeds to lists several accounts claimed so far, 2 of these are 1 char accts which are not shown

1 account is aka dr*g in the screenshot which is currently now suspended. was taken and is currently suspended was taken but recovered by the owner @lucky225 which can be seen here was taken and remains suspended. was the first user to tweet images of the admin panel, showing that @6 was targeted.

shinji’s twitter handle lists the name as joseph. there was an individual going by j0e involved with this. also known by many as PlugwalkJoe lets assume that was him. according to previous dox released on this user his name is joseph o’connor. while its only speculation he was in control of the shinji account, he was involved.

theres quite a bit more data available.

ogusers suffered a data breach in april of this year

from that breach, the email addresses for the attackers are as follows

lol: clean[@]ctemplar[.]com

chaewon: kpopisepic51[@]gmail[.]com

j0e: smurferino913[@]outlook[.]com

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