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Beginner Crypto Enthusiasts Shouldn’t Fear

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Today’s rapidly developing technologies are exciting for some, but have become a source of fear, confusion, and anxiety for many others. In this light, cryptocurrency, blockchain, ICO and other new concepts have risen to challenge the old system and traditions that the banking sector especially has tried very hard to preserve. Nevertheless, there is always a group of enthusiasts who are not afraid of taking risks and are always striving to reach new heights. Creating favorable conditions for these people is the primary task of all crypto projects. Use of ease and transparency are key.

CryptoXchange is a project whose primary goal is to simplify and facilitate the exchange of cryptocurrencies for both regular users, as well as advanced traders. Understanding full well the problems beginner crypto enthusiasts have in tackling blockchain trading, the CryptoXchange team guided by Roni Baibochaev and with the help of his advisor Marc Schippke, have created a comprehensive platform, which is fully developed and ready for users. What’s more, their upcoming ICO guarantees generous giveaways for early investors.

The principal advantage of CryptoXchange is its user-friendliness. There are two versions of the website, one for beginners and the other for tech-savvy professionals who wish to dive a little deeper. Enthusiastic people who are just getting acquainted with the crypto world have an opportunity to choose a “light” website version, which is paired back. The second version, conversely, offers an advanced, broader range of analytical functions and tools.

Language diversity is another detail that enhances user experience. The platform maintains the 17 most widely used languages in the world and thus offers a minimized chance of misinterpretation. With 24/7 multi-language support, anyone in the world can have equal access to this exciting platform.

One more advantage CryptoXchange boasts is improved speed regarding the KYC (Know-Your-Customer) process, which needs only a day compared to other exchange services. With some exchanges, the KYC process can take weeks to complete. The rapid but secure issuing of credentials is thanks to cooperation with IDnow, a trusted European company, which enables CryptoXchange to stay AML (anti-money laundering) compliant.

To permit its users to purchase any cryptocurrencies the same way they would buy fiat currencies in traditional banks, CryptoXchange proposes to take advantage of a branded debit card, which will serve two functions. The first is to serve as a storage for local fiat currencies, and the second – major cryptocurrencies. With this card, both fiat and crypto can be spent interchangeably anywhere in the world.

Saving the best for last, CryptoXchange is also introducing a profit-sharing program. Compared to similar exchanges, users can earn up to 30% profit share, by holding the XCHGE utility token and EARN Coin that works within the exchange. Holding these assets means earning dividends every week, simply for being part of the platform. This is an exciting time, and with CryptoXchange, no one will have an excuse not to start trading.

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