Binance campaign/hofBIT Discord winner : Bitcoin

Early this afternoon, I got this message randomly sent to me on Discord. I was “awarded” 0.71 BTC which, converted to USD, is around $5,000. Immediately I figured this was too good to be true, but Googling that website didn’t really pull up any scam alerts so I signed up.

I didn’t give them any personal info, just essentials to log into the site with, and when I put in my code and wanted to withdraw the money, this message popped up. Immediately this tipped me off that this was a scam – I had to give money to get my own money? Oh okay so I’ll just give you around $300 and never hear from you again. That’s how I took it.

I showed this to a friend, and he said that’s not it works ever and it doesn’t make sense. He compared it to “when scammers would tell me i had to pay then a delivery fee before they send me $800,000.”

So, to anyone out there who got the same message, all signs points to this being a scam. Just trying to help the community out is all.

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