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A bit of background- My wife and I run a small farm in northern Vermont making CBD oil from hemp and maple (shameless plug:, and we recently tried to make the jump from farm stand to online sales– where we were immediately hit with the ban-hammer from traditional credit card processors. Despite being 100% federally legal to produce and sell in the US, it is still being treated like it has a schedule 1 status by banks and credit card companies. Anyhow, after a bit of research, it appears the only options out there for accepting credit cards are extremely sketchy and usurious, and we couldn’t afford them, nor would we want to expose our customers to them.

So I figured the natural solution to this problem is bitcoin. But my fear is that accepting cryptocurrency might only further promote the erroneous negative stereotypes, and lead folks to have a “less than comfortable feeling” about purchasing from us. On top of that, I am not very sure what the venn diagram of BTC and CBD users would really look like.

So, do you guys think an online business like ours can succeed taking BTC (or other coins?) for payment in 2019? If so, is there a “preferred” solution/company for web payments that would have less of a chance of spooking potential customers? I’ve heard Bitpay is a dumpster fire, but is Coinbase ok? How about Opennode or others?

Lastly, is there some simple resource or service I could point customers to who don’t know anything about BTC, so they can easily buy BTC to pay us with?

Sorry for the meandering post, but I’d be grateful for any help.

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