does anyone use Chainpoint and knows exactly their proof works? : Bitcoin

It’s a tool for writing data to blockchain such that you can prove it existed at the time it was anchored. Here’s a link to their CLI tool.

Here’s how it works (more or less):

– After you submit a hash of your data to their protocol, they anchor to their network (chainpoint network).

– Their nodes aggregate hashes in merkle tree structure and the root of the tree is published in a bitcoin transaction

Here’s what is unclear to me:

– when you use the CLI tool, response to submitting a hash is three unique ‘hash_node_id’

– you use one of the ‘hash_node_id’ to verify a proof

So my question is, what is the ‘hash_node_id’ and why are you using it to verify a proof? They say the following : ‘A proof that anchors your hash to the Calendar is generally available within ten seconds or less.’ -> this is the ‘hash_node_id’. How does this prove that my data is anchored anywhere and further, how the tool prove that my data has existed in the time it was stored?

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