Evading financial censorship – Bitcoin got me some 3d printer parts that my bank wouldn’t let me order. : Bitcoin

Was trying to order some parts from Prusa – if you don’t know them, they are a very reputable manufacturer of 3d printers. They produce one of, if not the best desktop FDM 3d printer, and have a list of awards as long as my arm. I’ve ordered stuff many times from them with my card before, the printer itself along with various upgrades and supplies. They have a very good reputation. It’s not like I’m trying to buy stuff off Silk road here.

This time, I tried to order some new upgrades, and secure 3d came up saying that my bank thought the transaction was suspicious and that they may send me a text. They never sent me a text, the transaction got blocked.

Guessing my bank doesn’t like Prusa for some reason (maybe because they are from Prague?) It certainly wasn’t an out of character transaction for me. I went back to payment methods and noticed they accept Bitcoin. Paid and it cleared within a few minutes, parts are on the way.

I figure it makes a good example of how financial censorship can effect even “normal” people, people who aren’t out to buy drugs, guns, etc…I just wanted some parts for my printer.

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