Interesting change allowing for “Reciever pays” TXN fees. : Bitcoin

I’m excited about a new change in bitcoin-qt v20.0 (unreleased) allowing for the propagation of zero fee (0 sat/b) TXNs. Previously this was nerfed by the minRelayTxFee requirement. This would allow the receiver to set the fees (indirectly) by simply chaining a CPFP TXN to the end of it. Might work something like this.

  1. You place a bet at a BTC betting site.

  2. If you win, the payout is a raw TXN hex string.

  3. You broadcast the raw TXN along with a second “child” that pays the fee.

  4. Betting site is now no longer paying fees on winning bets.

Could offer a lot of solutions to exchanges that require a “withdraw fee” claiming that they need to pay the miners. This would allow users to request a zero-fee raw-hex withdraw transaction allowing the user to pay the fees themselves.

For the more technical user this would offer up a lot of neat possiblities.

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