Kucoin Margin Trading is Live for Non-KYC and KYC accounts : Bitcoin

Kucoin has enable the live testing of their contract trading on their Kumex platform. Accounts that are KYC compliant have leverage of up to 20x. NON-KYC cough USA can use a max leverage of up to 5x.

If you dont have an account already and are interested you can use my referal link if you like:


After your account has been made or if you already have one send an email to:

In my email all I said was , ” Hi, I would like to join your live testing on the Kumex platform”. They responded about 20 minutes after doing so.

Keep in mind, even though Kucoin is already on the app store for mobile phones they have not provided a feature to directly access Kumex yet.

The only way to access Kumex is to go to Kucoins website and click on contracts.

Have fun, safe trading, and always set a stop-loss 🙂 Enjoy

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