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Ninjapromo to the Rescue: Making Your ICO Great

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It’s 2018, and blockchain has secured a position of a prominent and promising industry that has what it takes to change the world. More and more startups choose to go down the crypto road, flooding the market and escalating the competition.

To win this race, you need great ideas that can hold their ground. But to have a chance to participate, you need people to know you. NinjaPromo is the ICO marketing agency to introduce your project to the world.

Your ICO Project Is Our Business

NinjaPromo is capable of supporting it on technical, legal and design levels but deals majorly in digital marketing of ICO projects, focusing on Influencer marketing, Community management, Media outlets, ICO Listings, and PPC advertising. In addition, our agency is capable of supporting it on technical, legal and design levels. Our solid team of professional editors, enthusiastic community managers, dedicated translators, creative designers, precise developers, as well as our amazing partners are all ready to carry your project to its heights.

We exercise individual approach to every single project, taking it peculiarities and budget into account. We also strike the balance between your wishes, existing best practices that suit you, popular trends and innovations that might be appropriate for your campaign. To get your ICO project to the topmost effectively, we merge with your team and can even take full control over certain processes.

NinjaPromo can help you out on both ICO and post-ICO stages through:

  • Digital Marketing;
  • Design and Branding;
  • ICO Legal;
  • Exchange Listing;
  • Technical Support.

Amazing projects like Unibright, INS, Paygine, Lucyd and many others have already become our clients, 80% of which returned for our services.

Setting Priorities Straight: Promoting Your ICO Project

NinjaPromo, having started in May 2017, is the most experienced ICO digital marketing agency. We can handle your advertising through a variety of activities:

  • Community management;
  • Influencer marketing;
  • PPC promotion;
  • Media outlets and ICO listings;
  • Social media marketing;
  • Content marketing.

We’ve gathered massive databases of sources, communities and influencers, tuning our methods through trial and error, and developed partnerships that allow us to maximize our efforts and bring you the best results possible.

Out Toolbox and Practices

High-quality marketing campaign requires experience, sharp eyes, flexibility, proper instruments, and proven strategies. NinjaPromo has all of that. We narrow down your audience and get to work.

Establishing your community is vital for every ICO project due to the nature of blockchain industry. We can ensure 24/7 community management of your groups, instigating fiery discussions, deleting spam and keeping trolls in check. In addition, we can hype you up on BitcoinTalk, Reddit or in Telegram, as well as advertise you through Facebook, Google AdWords, and banners. Plus, we can produce your video introductions and clips so that people would get a brief and clear message that you want to convey.

NinjaPromo is partnered with more than 250 media outlets in various languages all across the globe. We can write, translate and publish your press releases, featured and sponsored articles in Forbes, Dow Jones, CCN, Cointelegraph and other prominent cryptos- and mainstream sources. We are also partners with more than 80 ICO listing sites – an absolute must-have for any ICO project. And to all that, we connected with more than 500 Telegram and 1500 YouTube influencers. We tailor the list of influencers for the specific needs of your project, and they promote you to their audience, granting your idea the platform to speak to the hearts and minds of the public.

Your ICO project deserves the spotlight, and if you want it to become the center of attention – e-mail our NinjaPromo team to [email protected] or simply contact us on Telegram @slava_ninja.

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