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Noorcoin as the Face of the Industry Revolution 4.0 Sets for a Global Impact

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Jakarta, Indonesia/7 November 2018

There were important developments regarding award-winning Shariah-Compliant Token, Noorcoin (  in the last 48 hours. On Saturday, November 3, 2018, Noorcoin was featured in the official website of the President Joko Widodo of Indonesia as the face of the industry revolution 4.0.  Noorcoin was endorsed as the success story, an example of national pride ( 

Previously, Noorcoin was featured on the Chief of Presidential Office, Gen Moeldoko,’s Official Website on the 10th of October 2018, the article shows the support of the KSA in the importance of having a Sharia-compliant digital currency (  Noorcoin also successfully displayed its testnet mobile application demo using the Ethereum Virtual Machine on the 23rd of October 2018 in the annual meeting of ICCIA with 57 OIC countries in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Welcoming the era of the 4.0 industrial revolution, President Joko Widodo enthusiastically and optimistically prepared various strategic steps. The President stressed that Indonesia had to take advantage of existing developments for the progress of the nation.

“Indonesia must be agile and quickly take advantage of the opportunities that are in sight because the current formula is no longer a big one that defeats the small ones, but which quickly beats the slow ones,” the President said.

Important principles that will help identify and implement Industry 4.0 scenarios. among others, the principle of interoperability (conformity), namely the ability of machines, devices, sensors and humans to connect and communicate with each other through the Internet for all (IoT) or the Internet for audiences (IoP). The second principle is information transparency, namely the ability of information systems to create copies of the physical world virtually by enriching digital factory models with sensor data. The principle of transparency of information is what then manifests, among others, in a system called the blockchain.

“Now we have four unicorns, but I want more than that,” Jokowi said at the opening of Ideafest 2018 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Jakarta, Friday (10/26/2018).

One of the success stories currently welcomed by the international community, especially Middle Eastern countries, is the application of blockchain in the financial world in the form of a digital currency called Noorcoin. Noorcoin is the first Sharia token in the world. Integrate crypto technology with a platform that complies with Sharia law. Noorcoin is built with a decentralized trust and reputation system that works flawlessly on the real-time payment gateway of the blockchain system.

On the same day, Noorcoin was invited to collaborate in Boston University’s Asian Alumni Festival on 3 November 2018 at Grand Hyatt Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia. Boston University is one of the academic institutions known globally and has also become a university which has an excellent reputation internationally. One of the biggest activities routinely carried out by local alumni leadership committees and BU Alumni Associations is a reunion at a large event called “BU Asian Alumni Festival.” This reunion program for Boston University alumni is carried out for 12 years in different cities in Asia. The main objective of the event is to promote innovation within Boston University alumni to create a global impact. Prof. Susan Fournier who attended the event said, “I’m so proud that Noorcoin is endorsed and featured in President Joko Widodo’s official website on Digital Creative Economy. Thank you Noorcoin for being supportive to Boston University Allumni event in making global impact.”

Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Indonesia HE Osamh Mohammed Abdullah Shuibi who attended this event as an honorable guest said, “Noorcoin the first Sharia token in the world which founder hails from Indonesia the country with world’s largest Muslim population and KSA as the guardian of two most Holy Cities. We are planning to launch Noorcoin ICO next April 2019 in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. God-willing, with President Jokowi and Crown Prince MBS. We are expecting Noorcoin with its advance technology to give impact not only to captive market of 30 million visitors of hajj n Umrah but also to 1.8 bio Muslims around the world. Aside to the Muslim world, there is a strong demand for Noorcoin from other countries in Asia, Australia, America, and Europe.”

Speaking along with the Minister of National Development Planning of the Republic of Indonesia, Bambang Brodjonegoro, Noorcoin’s CEO Sofia Koswara explained about the Blockchain technology along with its merits such as brings the power to the mass: levelling the playing field. Sofia further elaborated that there are social and legal issues that need to be addressed such as misconceptions and the absence of legal standing over the technology. She emphasized that the legality of cryptocurrency as of June 2018 is that it is similar with commodities, which is classified as a digital asset.

Sofia said, “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is Noorcoin’s partner from the beginning, along with the Crown Prince’s  2030 vision to move away from oil. KSA has secured an allocation 20 billion of Noorcoin.

Noorcoin’s CBDO Iskandar Purnomohadi said, ”In the future, Noorcoin will offer the option of providing its digital asset & cryptocurrency with gold. This to ensure the security and stability for Noorcoin holders”

Noorcoin’s COO Thomas Yudhistira said, “We are committed to collaborations and partnerships on three fronts: technology, cultural and legal. We are grateful to receive positive responses and endorsements from Governments, International Organizations, and Academic Institutions as publicly shown through official publications and events. These are strong foundations for Noorcoin to develop the project in line with what the stakeholders need and want, in full transparency.”

About Noorcoin:

Noorcoin is the 1st Sharia-compliant crypto token and platform in the world. Noorcoin will launch in Q1 of 2019, as it will be built on the Zilliqa blockchain. Noorcoin uses the Zilliqa platform as Zilliqa facilitates transactions from 4,500 tx/s to 8,000 tx/s (in their testnet). Noorcoin will aim to decrease payment fees up to 90%. Noorcoin can facilitate governments in collecting sales tax & zakat. Noorcoin’s dApp (decentralized application) will facilitate merchants to become vendor & give members access to Shariah-compliant platform.

Noorcoin will become the most popular and trusted Digital Currency with the latest technology to impact and influence 1.8 Billion Muslims worldwide by November 2019.

For more details visit official website or join the Telegram channel.

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