Nov 28, 2016 (2 yrs ago today), people were FREAKING out that BTC could hit $800. Everyone chill out, and learn the long game. : Bitcoin

A friend once told me, a long-term outlook for an American is 3 or 4 quarters….but in China, its 100-500 years. Two years ago, there was NO way BTC could surpass the price of gold…well, it did. Buy and HODL, we all have a great opportunity to buy cheap BTC…stop whining, and stop trading trying to get rich. You will be out your BTC (unless you REALLY know what you are doing), and anyone still holding in a couple years will be rewarded.

Play the long game, and you will be happy….and that’s literally American long game, not the Chinese version. Patience, keep it in perspective. The news media has no understanding of what Bitcoin does, and they do not want to learn. The least fascinating thing about Bitcoin…is it’s price.

Bitcoin Price Analysis 11/23/2016 – Gunning $800?

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