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Pay by cryptocurrency: 8 good reasons

Cryptocurrencies payments provide many advantages than traditional payment techniques, as lower overall price, security, privacy and the ability to handle their own funds with no control of a central authority, as governments and banks.

Reasons to Begin Use Crypto

1. Fees
When money was king and financial institutions gave ample incentives to individuals who opted to place their cold hard cash into institutional coffers. Now, bank accounts using their credit and debit cards, have fees associated with them — money that goes down the drain and offers no advantage, never mind interest gained. In contrast, popular cryptocurrency payment gateways such as Bitpay and Coinpayments charge between 0.5 percent and 1 percent per trade. Generally, a cryptocurrency account in the form of a digital wallet is completely free and unless one chooses to invest in cryptocurrency hardware pockets or prepaid cards, aside from the transaction fee, using cryptocurrency as cash costs absolutely nothing.

2. Privacy
Banks and credit institutions, in addition to retailers and service providers, obtain and keep too much of the clients’ personal and financial information. Details such as our name, address, companies, social security number, net worth, assets, investments, account balances, credit score, credit line, and trade history, together with everything we do and buy, which include our personal, professional and financial information collections. With conventional financial institutions and classic fiat currency, we can’t preserve our privacy.

Cryptocurrency transactions offer an alternative by restricting the amount of transaction information to mere numbers also called cryptocurrency wallet addresses and transaction IDs confirming a wallet-to-wallet transaction happened.

3. International means of trade
Cryptocurrencies are a borderless way of exchange allowing for immediate and cost-effective trades throughout the world. There’s absolutely no waiting, no international fees without any constraints as to who can or can’t send money to whom or when and where those funds could be obtained.

Using cryptocurrencies while traveling adds an additional layer of security and may be utilized as a distant source of emergency funds which may be obtained without an ID, a bank account, credit cards, a wire transfer or even a computer apparatus.

4. E-commerce
Shopify and Etsy retailers can select to take BTC, BCH, and Altoids. Woocommerce and Easy Digital Downloads sellers can use WordPress plugins such as Mycryptocheckout for the purpose. And then there is Shapeshift that gives customers the option to pay with heaps of cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, there’s, an internet platform where users can purchase things from Amazon with cryptocurrency and it’s also incorporated with Shapeshift, as are Magento and Openbazaar.

5. Regrettably, there are customers who make a purchase, get the items they purchased and, possibly, even to use them just to cancel their payment. They could do so because fiat payments aren’t instant.

With cryptocurrencies, things are rather different. Once a trade has occurred, there’s not any turning back. This isn’t to say that a client can’t return a product and request a refund by communication directly with the seller. Of course, they could. What they can’t do is place an order, pay for it, get it and then receive the amount they paid back in their accounts because of cash back policies overseen by online payment processors and credit card firms.

Chargebacks are intended to reduce fraud and yet they frequently accomplish the exact opposite. In this example, cryptocurrency works the same way as money. When you have taken the thing you paid for with money, you can’t return to the shop with a damaged or used item, never mind empty-handed, and demand your money back.

6. Mobility
And yet the exact same privacy and safety problems arise as with the remainder of conventional, flat-based financial transactions, namely too much information in one location. All currently available cellular fiat payment processors store credit card information, which includes all our financial information and much more. And of course that all that info is online and on our mobile devices everywhere we go.

Cryptocurrencies are a safer electronic money option and are best for mobile payments by default as a result of their virtual, decentralized character.

7. More integration and partnerships involving cryptocurrency payment processors and fiat payment processors are in the works and the sector is predicted to grow by 50 percent in the next couple of decades. Specifically, Foton announced plans to attract 100 million consumers by 2020 and provide competitive features including its stable coin, fiat pairs, nuclear swaps, a loan and escrow service, and a charge card with loyalty rewards and cash back.

So there isn’t any doubt: millions of retailers throughout the world accept cryptocurrencies, as do tens of thousands of sites.

8. Commercial Use
Most others have known of bitcoin and several plans on adding it to their portfolio.

Nearly all Square’s merchant customers have expressed interest in accepting bitcoin core and a 2017 Cambridge Center for Option Finance study confirmed that 40 percent of customers would, really, like to have the ability to make purchases with BTC.

Countries with poorer than typical fiat currencies tend to prefer using cryptos. Turkey, Venezuela, Brazil, Australia, and South Africa seem to have large quantities of cryptocurrency users. Merchants in Eastern Europe and few western European cities seem more open toward incorporating bitcoin as a method of payment. Before the 2017 cryptocurrency bull market, more than 10 percent of Eastern Europeans reported using cryptocurrency set up of fiat for regular purchases.

These days, almost anything could be compensated directly with cryptocurrencies: houses, condos, boats, cars, clothing, electronics, health and pet products, food, wine, accessories, airplane tickets, holidays, tools, musical instruments, in addition to dating services, specialist services, internet services, and, of course crypto equipment.

Without pointing out the obvious, let us look at the very interesting things digital monies can buy you:

The Economy According to Pros

In January, a firm named Bart, possessed by the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) which also owns the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), will establish bitcoin stocks that will be settled in BTC, not money. There’ll be no leverage trading, meaning that real bitcoin might need to be purchased and possessed for the duration of the contract. The CEO of both ICE and NYSE chairman Jeff Sprecher said that electronic assets are here to stay and that they”have a future in controlled markets.”

It’s evident that the cryptocurrency market has grown by leaps and bounds in the past ten years because Bitcoin was born. Fintech is changing the financial industry and an increasing number of people are getting onboard. Shopping online and in-store is going entirely digital but increasing cybersecurity fears, which is drastically reduced with a wider acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a way of payment.

Can you believe payments in crypto will continue to trend? Is this the path to mass adoption?

LIC is a cryptocurrency that differentiates itself concerning the mass adoption facet of a cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange. LIC is a community-based cryptocurrency that’s designed to provide maximum benefit to the investors in any circumstance. The system set up for LIC to work relies on factors which have seniority, deposit, and amounts of trades. It follows that the introduction of a new LIC is completely determined by the investment being made into the coin from the community. The system is now 100 percent proof-of-state, as opposed to a proof-of-work protocol that drives most other cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, LIC is a very decentralized cryptocurrency which operates independently and offers returns connected to the community that owns it and invests in it. This shields LIC from influence by other variables, like the trickle down effect or harm to the blockchain and cryptocurrencies by limitation. The longer a coin is accepted in stores and actions, the more it’s spendable. The more people use a money, the more brands and physical and online stores accept it as a method of payment; and the longer it is recognized as a way of payment, the more it increases its power.

If money has a high amount of dependability, it means that the number of people using it is equally large. The more people using a coin, the more it’s worth.

With LIC, as soon as you start using it is not just an investment, it will become a part of your life. This phenomenon is known as “becoming the tool of life” by LIC‘s founders.

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