PSA for noobs asking here about “the best BTC wallet” : Bitcoin

When you want to start with Bitcoin and have no idea about what wallet to use, remember these golden rules on choosing a wallet:

  1. Not your keys, not your coins. If the wallet do not offer you the way to control your bitcoin keys, that is NOT your wallet. You are going back to relation “master – slave”.

  2. SEGWIT. If the wallet do not offer support for segwit BTC address (starting with bc1 or 3), that wallet do not deserve attention, is antiquated and will do more damage to you than good. Remember all new Bitcoin apps and protocols will include segwit support. so using an old legacy address will makes you excluding yourself.

  3. Lightning. Consider to use a wallet that is already supporting LN, aside with onchain. LN is the future, it will be much easier if you already have a wallet that use both “chains”.

If you respect these simple 3 rules, all the rest it’s just a preference of features, functionalities that fit your necessities.
Also very good analysis of BTC wallets here:

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