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Raido Financial – Simplifying Cryptocurrency Trade

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The crypto-currency market has been undergoing a dramatic change since 2016. According to market sources, 80% of the current cryptocurrency users entered the market between 2016 and 2018. This period has also seen an approximate 20 times increase in the market capitalization of the crypto market from USD 14 billion to USD 260 billion. Most of the crypto-market participants are now using their currencies for investment; making payments is now a secondary activity.  Fatcats research estimates that 40% of the users of cryptocurrencies will trade on the various exchanges. This number is set to increase in the future.

Raido Financial – Streamlining the Trading Process

Raido Financial was created keeping in mind the above statistics. Its main objective as a global fintech platform is to enable all the existing as well as new crypto-traders to acquire new skills in trading. Toward this end, Raido Financial is planning to provide all the necessary tools to market players irrespective of their skill levels. The company will leverage its skills in the B2B as well as B2C markets and promises to reinvent the current crypto-currency market.

Main Features of the Platform

The key highlights of Raido Financials are:

  • Comprehensive Trading Options

This platform allows its users to perform all kinds of trading operations. The trading platform of Raido is highly evolved and has a high processing speed. Its high load bearing capacity allows many users to conduct their operations simultaneously.

  • Compatible with Standard Protocols

The makers of this platform have ensured that it works with several well known protocols like FIXAPI, Websockets, and REST.

Raido Financial also has a set of comprehensive tools to manage all the operations of an ICO launch. This help drive the marketing, legal and other operations of any new ICO launch.

A key feature of Raido is to provide anonymity to its users. They can carry out their transactions without any fear of being discovered by hackers and regulatory authorities. The payment mechanism of this platform is integrated with most of the well known global gateways.

To make crypto-trading scalable, the Raido platform will use its liquidity aggregators to integrate its assets with the other exchanges.  Crypto-traders can then carry out their trades on other platforms seamlessly.

  • Adherence to Relevant Licensing

Raido is currently liaising with legal and regulatory authorities to obtain the necessary licenses for its operations. Right now, this platform is not available in the United States, North Korea, China, and Singapore.

The Two Primary MVP Products

The platform has developed two essential MVP products – Cryptocurrency Raido Exchange and Multicurrency Raido Wallet. Belo

Cryptocurrency Raido Exchange

Raido Exchange is specially designed to offer effective and powerful technical solutions that include following functionalities – automatic purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, use of multifunctional API of over 50 trading CFD contracts, universal technical analysis tools, aggregation and distribution of liquidity, high-speed connection channel, integrated AI trading module, and data encryption. Moreover, the platform also allows users to list ICO tokens, rank, and vote at all stages of the token sale.   

Multicurrency Raido Wallet

The cross-platform Raido wallet allows an anonymous and secure exchange of crypto-currencies, their deposit and withdrawal, and money transfers. The main features of this solution are:

  • It supports Bitcoins, Altcoins, and other soon to be listed currencies.
  • Funds stay secured because of advanced cryptography, private keys, and encryption.
  • Users remain anonymous and they can never be tracked or referenced.
  • Calculation of the commission fee is done in keeping with the market trends while ensuring that it is kept at the lowest level.
  • The transaction process is simple and does not involve many steps.
  • A 24/7 customer support in several languages like English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French and German.

ICO Details

The pre-token sale of Raido Financials starts from 15th November 2018. It would end the same date. The main token sale would take place on 15th January 2019.

A One-stop for Various Cryptocurrency Trading Activities

Raido Financial is a new crypto-trading platform that promises to provide comprehensive tools to all the players irrespective of their experience in blockchain technologies. This platform has a multicurrency wallet and guarantees safety and anonymity to its users.

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