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WEWE GLOBAL business concept

What is the concept of the WEWE GLOBAL business? 

WEWE GLOBAL is an ecosystem of services for the use of cryptocurrencies. Its role is to broker services that allow to use cryptocurrencies for purchases and transfers, for potential customers. 

WEWE GLOBAL is meant for people who already know cryptocurrencies, who perhaps already have them in their wallet, but who have never used them. 

The purpose of WEWE GLOBAL is to make cryptocurrencies a medium of exchange, or rather, to allow them to be used as tender.

Cryptocurrencies are seen primarily as a speculative asset. The fluctuation of the Bitcoin values demonstrates how it can be an opportunity to make gains, even in the short term. This opportunity is actually for the users to exploit, rather than a feature of the cryptocurrency itself.

Each cryptocurrency is structured with its own objectives and different targets, sometimes also as an investment opportunity. By the way, all cryptocurrencies have been used as such. WEWE GLOBAL’s role is to turn the tide and let cryptocurrencies be our real money.

Why choose Bitcoin, and not the dollar, the euro, the yen, the pound, etc.? What are the advantages of making transactions with cryptocurrencies?


You can check on every transaction that has ever taken place, thanks to the public blockchain ledger.


You can use the blockchain with confidence, knowing that no one can tamper with it after your transaction in a block has been confirmed.


Everyone around the world can join the network. You can send and receive cryptocurrencies quickly in minutes or even seconds. This means that even those who do not have access to the current banking system can also participate in the global economy.


You can control and manage your assets without intermediaries being involved.

Transparent economy

Unlike the typical monetary system issued by governments, most cryptocurrencies have a predictable supply schedule. You can calculate the yearly inflation rate, rather than being a victim of central government choices.

24/7 service

You can make transactions and receive payment at any time, without waiting for holidays to be over, or open hours at a bank.

Given these advantages, why users who already know cryptocurrencies do not use them as money, but as speculation tool? Because you can make transaction use them with a small slice of the population, which uses cryptocurrency; 81% of the global population has never own cryptocurrencies. This means that cryptocurrencies are money for a few, used only among them, but that limits the possibilities of being spent.

WEWE GLOBAL’s goal is to expand the number of people who use cryptocurrencies. 

This is the plan:

– Present services payable in cryptocurrencies that are of interest to everyone, such as purchasing hotel services and travel experiences.

– Make training videos to explain the cryptocurrency sector, and how the system works, but above all, why you should, and how you can use it.

– Provide global payment systems, thanks to partnership with providers all over the world, to allow its users to pay with cryptocurrencies in activities that only accepted traditional currency, thanks to an automatic currency conversion.

– Interest more of your community’s companies and shops in allowing you to pay in cryptocurrencies, all grouped in one app.

If you already own bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, WEWE GLOBAL could be interesting to you. Their services are presently growing in the ecosystem, and aim to be involved in at least 40 services, all through their smartphone application. By making cryptocurrencies simple, the achievement of the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies has become possible.

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